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01 May 2009 @ 12:42 am

First off, welcome to the community! We're really excited about this and certainly hope you'll enjoy it here! This is a sistering expression icon community for chambrofsekrits. If you're not apart of that comm, don't fear, everyone is free to join! Unfortunately we are a members only community, but we can tell you It's definitely worth joining!

Please read the below rules to keep everything running smoothly & get yourself informed!


• Please be civilized and polite at the very least. We aren't asking for the Brady's here, but we don't want Mean Girls to re-enact itself. If you're a real life Draco, just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the lovely icons.
• If we get enough relevant complaints you will be warned. Do not take it personally, we are trying to do our job here and keep the place friendly as possible.
• If the behavior persists, you will be banned and we generally won't lift them.


• While in the future we may open a general Harry Potter icon community, we're wanting to keep these specific to obvious expressions and moods. This isn't for those elegant icons (Though we do love them.), it's for the basic, yet amazing mood and expressive ones once again.
• Animated icons are allowed as long as they fall under mood/expressive.
• Please do not add text to them.
• Colorization and textures are allowed, but remember the focus of the icons.
• Your icons must be posted on THIS community, and not linking to a journal, you are however allowed to say "You can check out some more of my icons here" with a link.


• We're aiming to make this community insanely easy to find what you're looking for with hardy any work. So for that we ask you tag as much as you can.
• Please tag the characters included, all moods/expressions portrayed in the icons, and absolutely any other details you can supply, if it's cast photos, tag it - while still keeping their character names.
• You may have your own personal user tag! Please only create one, if we see you have more then one, we'll delete the others.


• At this time, we're not allowing advertising but instead we will affiliate with just about anyone.
• Advertising may open up at a later date.


• As of now, we are accepting any communities. We do however reserve the right to deny if we so choose. We aren't trying to be 'elite' but there are some communities we'd rather not be affiliated with.
• Affiliations requests are now being taken here.


• All entries after this will be members-only so we do hope you'll join us!
• If you've got any problems, complaints, questions - anything, we can solve it here.
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